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Personalised Comfort

Heat-moldable insoles for every step of your journey. Precision fit, instant relief and durability – discover the future of foot wellness!

Step into

Personalised Comfort

Heat-moldable insoles for every step of your journey. Precision fit, instant relief and durability – discover the future of foot wellness!

1 year warranty

100% personalised


Fully customised

We mold the insoles directly to your feet while standing in a neutral position, so they are perfectly matching your needs, body state and activity level.


Immediate comfort

Feeling comfort is not a privilege, it’s a necessity! 95% of our customers claim they start to feel this comfort within the first minute. Rest assured you will too!

Find the perfect model for you

Our models are designed to match your personal needs.

Premium MT Pad

These insoles will lift your transverse arch, and correct the wrong position of it. Suitibale for people who suffer from Hallux Valgus, Morton’s Neuroma, numbness and Metatarsalgia.

Premium Elegant

Designed to fit all your narrow and tight-fitting shoes. Thin, yet wear-resistant materials will ensure comfort.

Premium Sport

Designed specifically for sport activities, FEET IT Premium Sport insoles can help you reduce foot fatigue while gaining efficiency.

Premium Therapy

This model will ease your pain. The durable plate of the insoles shaped anatomically to your feet, thereby reducing the pressure on the plantar fascia.

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Become part of the Feet It family. We work with professionals around the world.

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We work with professionals around the world to help more and more people walk pain-free. Join our success and become part of the Feet It family.

What our clients say?

Desislava Todorova


About a month ago I scheduled a free examination and consultation for insoles. I was extremely impressed with the competence and professionalism of the employees during the review. They thoroughly explained everything and answered my questions in detail. They made my insoles almost instantly and I haven't taken them off since. My work involves a lot of standing and a lot of walking, but since using the insoles I feel very good, my feet get less tired and I don't feel pain anywhere in my body - neither in my back nor in my shoulders.

Lozan Stefanov


I play tennis on the court and got achilles problem in my left foot and a knee problem. My doctor recommended insoles. I was lucky to come across the company FEET IT, where they made my personal insoles. I've been using them for a month now and felt serious relief and comfort during sports and walking. I strongly recommend to everyone who plays sports and not only, to do the free examination and possibly buy insoles to prevent negative processes in the entire motor apparatus.

Daniela Kostadinova


For almost a year I had pain in one leg and sometimes in my lower back. After nothing helped me, I decided to try insoles. A friend told me that she had it done at your place and was satisfied. I really didn't believe that they would help me, but after after wearing them for ten days, my pain disappeared. I've been wearing them for four months now and I forgot about the pain. I'm very grateful and I recommend them to everyone who has a problem.

Nina Etropolska


I express my sincere thanks for the gesture and the regular and flawless maintenance of the insoles. The staff is very kind and responsive. Since wearing the insoles, the pain in my ankles and joints has disappeared! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Viktoriya Seferinkina


I recommend the insoles for people who spend a lot of time on their feet. I had morning pain in my feet. after wearing insoles for only two weeks the pain stopped. I strongly recommend.

Tanya Kovacheva


Thank you dear Gerry, thank you FEET IT. Your insoles are wonderful! Thank you, for your attention and for your humanity! Stay healthy and see you again!

Lubomir Georgiev


I am extremely pleased with both the review and the insoles themselves. The service is provided by absolute professionals who I would trust again and again. The service is at a very high level, the people are kind and responsive. I highly recommend!

Elena Kiselova


I am very pleased! I recommend them to anyone having trouble ordering their insoles. After hallux valgus surgery I had big problems and changed many insoles until I found the best ones!

Evgenia Gergova


I had pain in my knees and feet, after I bought the insoles I haven't taken them off. I have been wearing them for a month and I am very satisfied, the pain has decreased significantly. I feel very good with them and recommend them! Very good and professional service!

Ana Josephson


I strongly recommend! The service we received was very professional and at a high level. And the change in the physical sensation in the feet began immediately after the first wearing of the insoles. thank you very much!

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